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Following is a list of assets that we market on behalf of the owners, or that Thomassen Amcot Holdings (TAH) has a principal interest in. Please contact us if you have an interest in any of these assets.


Siemens Westinghouse Unused Steam Turbine Generator

Siemens built this SST400 STG in 2010. It has never been used.

  • • 49.10 MWe output steam turbine generator
  • • Throttle Pressure, psia – a865
  • • Throttle temperature, deg. F – 800
  • • Throttle Flow, lb/hr – 484,000
  • • Final feedwater temp, deg F – 430
  • • Exhaust pressure at condenser flange, in. HgA – 1.2 to 6.0
  • • Cycle make-up flow, pph – 0%
  • • Generator/Exciter/AVR – 0.9 lagging to 0.95 leading
  • • Maximum power at generator terminals 49,100 kW
  • • Operating speed – turbine 5,143 rpm
  • • Operating speed – generator 1,800 rpm
  • • Trip speed – turbine 5,567 rpm
  • • Generator Voltage – 13.8kV
  • • Generator Voltage range - +/- 5%
  • • Generator apparent output – 55,000 kVA
  • • Generator active output – 49,500 kW
  • • Type – Condensing
  • • Minimum operating conditions-nominal:
  •    - Pressure – 290 psia
  •    - Temp – 590 F
  •    - Flow – 72,000 pph@ 1.2 inHga
  •    - Power – 4.65 MWe
  • • Maximum pressure drop – 10 psi
  • • Maximum supply temperature – 110 F
  • • Minimum supply temperature – 60 F

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Never Used Parts in Original Crates:

(TCDF Design)

LP ROTOR (Fully Bladed), 5 stages x 2 Flow - 1 available
HIP ROTOR (Bladed), 14 stages HP turbine, 8 stages IP turbine - 1 available
LIFTING BEAM H700 lifting beam with bolts - Lot available
ROTOR SUPPORTS includes 2 protective plates - 2 available
ROTOR SUPPORTS includes 2 protective plates - 2 available
MOP MOTOR - TMIC 3 Phase induction motor. 4 poles. 87 HP (65kW), Type TIKK-FCKT11, 460V, 98A, IP55, Thermal Class F, Rating: Cont, Max. AMB. 104oF, NEMA MG-1 - 1 available
LIFTER-Mechanical Hand Lifter for Cubicles-Type AWT-2C - 550 pound Lifter payload - 1 available
BCT Bushing Type Current Transformer for Generator (IEEE C57.13, Type BSD-520E, C400 Accuracy, 12000:5A ratio/ 150 kA1s) - 18 available
BUSHING CONNECTOR 12 bushing connectors for output terminal connection including hardware + Hardware for BCT Installation - Lot available
AVR/GCP CUBICLE - 1 available
THY CUBICLE - 1 available
FCB CUBICLE - 1 available
NGR CUBICLE - Disconnecting switch, neutral - 1 available
D-EHC (Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control System) - 1 available
CRV CASING - Combined Reheat / Intercept Valve #A (Part # M31A10101003) - Lot available
3 Dell PCs and LASER-BEAM PRINTER with all assoc. Hardware and Software, Maintenance tools for master controller, Ethernet Cables, LCDs and Controllers - Lot available

"NO LONGER AVAILABLE" GENERATOR (340000kVA, 3 Phase, 2 Pole, 21000V, 60Hz)

TSB 2-02_EKS100918a_ST Rating and Design Data

Thomassen Amcot Holdings LLC "TAH", the owner, will consider sales of selected components or parts.

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One (1) 160 MW Alstom Steam Turbine Generator

Turbine Assembly
Steam Control Valves and Operators
Gland Sealing Skid
One (1) Generator Package, 18.0 kV, 187.65 MVA, TEWAC
One (1) Static Excitation System
Power System Stabilizer
Key Phaser
Sound Enclosure with associated lighting, HVAC
Steam Turbine & Generator Accessory Equipment, including controls, HVAC, lighting, fire protection, electrical package, oil systems etc.
Electrical Package including MMCs
Steam Turbine Tools and maintenance Equipment
Field Erection Supervision, Alstom to clarify man weeks included
Piping from valves to steam turbine inlets, including some pre-fabricated piping and some field fabricated piping

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FOR SALE: New Coal Fired Generation Assets
Major components not installed, in storage and ready for immediate delivery

Alstom Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler (CFB)
General Electric D-5 STG Steam Turbine Generator (293MW)
*(293MW is based on the original design)
Boiler Feed Pumps
High Energy Piping (P22 Material)
Feedwater Heaters

Location: USA

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GE D-11 340MW Reheat STG

• GE D-11 340MW Reheat STG

GE reheat steam turbine designed to work in conjunction with three GE 7FAs in a heat recovery application without supplementary firing. All equipment is new, uninstalled and unused. All equipment is under maintained storage in Houston Texas. Warranties have expired. Any new warranties will have to be negotiated directly with General Electric.

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All equipment available for immediate shipment:

D-11 Steam Turbine:
340 MW Nominal Output
1800psig inlet 1050/1050 degrees F
Model D-11 Steam turbine
40" last stage buckets
1.5" HgA exhaust pressure design

Hydrogen Cooled Generator:
410,000 kVA
0.85 Power Factor
349,350 kw
22,000 volt, 60hz

Mark VI controls
Normal auxiliaries

This Turbine was originally purchased in 2001 for use in a 3 on 1 project in New York. Although it is suitable for use in a 2 on 1 with heavy duct firing. It was stored in New York until late 2006 when it was relocated to Houston. It was inspected placed into storage and initially maintained by GE.

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Availability:2 MHI 501F CT Units, 1 STG Unit

Two unused 501F gas combustion turbines manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ("MHI") with a capacity of 170MW. One steam turbine, also manufactured by MHI, with a nominal capacity of 195MW.

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Alstom 50 Hz Reheat Condensing Steam Turbine Generators (STGs)
Availability: 2 Units

These steam turbine generators (STGs) are new, 140MW Alstom two-cylinder (HP and IP/LP) reheat condensing steam turbine generator sets suitable for combined cycle outdoor operation with axial exhaust and air-cooled (TEWAC) genator. Units include manufacturer's performance guarantees and warranties.

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Unused GE D11
HP/IP Turbine Assembly

Other Miscellaneous parts including LP casings and 304 MW stator now available for immediate sale.

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For Sale: (2) General Electric 7F.05 Gas Turbine Generator Package (60Hz) HYDROGEN FUEL CAPABLE

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For Sale: One GE LMS 100 60HZ Gas Turbine ONLY BOOSTER REMAINS

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