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Flared 7FA+e Compressor & Turbine Rotor


The Unit Rotor (Compressor, R1-R17 (R0 not installed) + Turbine wheels) includes the compressor (bladed) and the turbine rotor. It is a complete (compressor and turbine) rotor with new and unused Stage 1-3 buckets.

• GE confirmed that all applicable TILs were completed during the rebuild.
• All compressor blades are new except for R0. The R0 blades are not installed.
• The Rotor is 2001 vintage.
• The Compressor is Flared.
• The Turbine Buckets are 2001 vintage.
• The TB wheel has contoured cooling holes.
• Returned to US site on 12/17/2010 from GE's Houston Service Center.

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Q & A

How many hours/starts were on the rotor when it was rebuilt?
FFH = 32,102 FS = 1,107 Actual starts = 949

Does a warranty come on the rotor?
The installed parts and workmanship of the compressor blades would be warranted at the lesser of 1 year upon installation of rotor back into a machine or 2 years upon termination of the LTSA contract.

Are all the compressor and turbine buckets new, refurbished/repaired, or combination of them?
All the installed compressor blades and R0 (standard, not enhanced) are new. The turbine buckets are new and sitting on the shelf ready for installation with the rotor.

Any test reports from the rebuild available?

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