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Thomassen-Amcot has a selection of new, unused Turbine Parts for GE 7EA Gas Turbines. Please select from the product categories below to view our inventory.


Lufkin made gear box
LM6000PG 60Hz. Reduction Gear

New Condition

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Other Parts Included
For 7EA

1. Liquid Fuel Bypass Valve - 15460606
2. Liquid Fuel Stop Valve - YF15725
3. Fuel Pump - QS7-115-4
4. Compressor - TBI0781931
5. Fuel Selector - G560143
6. Air Mover - S270324
7. Instrument Panels (2 Each)
8. Misc. Fuel Tubing
9. Misc. Combustion Can and Piping Bolting
10. Fuel header piping and supports
11. Cross Fire Tube and Clips

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