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Since 1992, Thomassen Amcot International has played a role in the sale of non-producing energy assets. We understand the secondary power generation market and have worked with some of the largest power generating companies in the world. In fact, TAI has managed over $1.250 billion U.S. dollars in transactions involving non-producing, power generating assets since 2002. In addition to managing assets for others we also look for strategic opportunities to acquire assets ourselves for relocation into other markets. As a global company, we are poised to meet the world's growing need for power.

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Our Experience

Our Experience

Thomassen Amcot International LLC (TAI) was founded in 1992 originally as a joint venture with Thomassen International BV, Holland and AMCOT U.S. (American Manufacturing Company of Texas).

Our mission was to create a company that could identify and offer alternative solutions for the supply of oil and gas equipment to meet the short and medium term needs of our global customer base. Opportunities led us to move in other directions and we now focus almost predominantly on power generation capital assets such as gas turbines and steam turbines. Thomassen Amcot International (TAI) represents global power companies who are interested to either purchase, or sell secondary market power generation assets. In the past 17 years our principals and associates have represented clients in the sale, or purchase, of over 7000 MW of assets throughout the world. We constantly strive to build upon our strong working relationships and place great importance in close cooperation between partners in a transparent environment.

Today, TAI and its wholly owned subsidiary, Thomassen Amcot Development LLC are independent companies.

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Our Focus

Our Focus

The focus of Thomassen Amcot International (TAI) is the divestiture and/or sale of nonproducing power generation assets around the world. Our principals and associates comprehensive knowledge of the secondary market, plus our global experience, allows us to identify opportunities for both those selling and also those companies looking to acquire assets for new power projects.

Monetizing these assets pinpoints the need to shift one's focus from "top down" to the "ground up". This means that the original business model for these assets is no longer applicable and that the focus on the sale of these assets requires a strategic shift. TAI uses our knowledge of the market, project developments and experience to identify opportunities to monetize these assets.

Thomassen Amcot Development, a wholly owned subsidiary of TAI, has itself acquired principal interest in non-producing assets including large gas turbines and steam turbines. We continue to look for global opportunities to acquire and relocate stranded generation assets.

Assets may include surplus gas turbines and gas turbine packages such as the following:

General Electric Mitsubishi Rolls-Royce Pratt & Whitney Siemens Alstom
  • Frame 5
  • Frame 6B
  • GE LM 6000
  • GE 7FA
  • GE LMS100
  • GE 9E
  • GE 9FA
  • MHI 501F
  • MHI 701F
  • RR Trent 60
  • RR RB211
  • RR Allison(s)
  • FT8 CC
  • FT8 Mobilepacs
  • FT8 Swiftpacs
  • FT4 Twinpacs
  • SW 501F
  • SGT6-5000F
  • GT24
  • GT13E2
  • GT11N2
  • GT8C2

Our Assets

Our Assets

Following is a list of assets that we market EXCLUSIVELY on behalf of the owners, or that Thomassen Amcot Development (TAD) has a principal interest in. Please contact us if you have an interest in any of these assets.

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For Sale: General Electric 7F.05 Gas Turbine Generator Package (60Hz)

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For Sale: One GE LMS 100 60HZ Gas Turbine with 2013 Supercore GE

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