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Following is a list of assets that we market on behalf of the owners, or that Thomassen Amcot Development (TAD) has a principal interest in. Please contact us if you have an interest in any of these assets.


For Sale: Two (2) New, Unused Brush Generators
One sold and one left for sale.

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Model Frame: BDAX8 – 365ER
Output: 120 MVA
Terminal Voltage: 13,800 volts
Terminal Amperage: 5,020 amps
Power Factor: 0.85
Phase Connection: STAR
Frequency: 60 Hz
Cooling: Air
Rotor & Stator Insulation: Class F
Exciter Voltage: 145 volts
Exciter Amperage: 1575 amps

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212 MVA Westinghouse Generator
Westinghouse Hydrogen-Cooled Generator

212 MVA Westinghouse generator has very low operating hours at 1,212 hours approximately. The voltage is rated at 13.8 kV at 60 Hz frequency. The three-phase unit operates with a 0.90 power factor and 3600 rpm rated speed.

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Unused Hyundai Ideal Brushless Generator
SAB Type

21520-31 Frame
7720 KW
9082 KVA
1800 RPM
1260 Amps
.85 Power Factors
3 Phase

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For Sale: General Electric 7F.05 Gas Turbine Generator Package (60Hz)

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For Sale: One GE LMS 100 60HZ Gas Turbine with 2013 Supercore GE

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